Webinar: Navigating Mental Health Conversations In The Workplace

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“38.6% would not tell their current manager if they were experiencing a mental health problem.” ~ Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

On March 10th, 2021, join Angela Johnson and Estelle Morrison M.Ed. RP, as they share tangible insights and advice to equip managers with the knowledge and tools to effectively talk to employees about mental health.

In this 30 minute session, Estelle will present Mental Health Training for Managers workshop. Helping managers simplify complex mental health conversations, providing them with actionable next steps.

During this session, Angela and Estelle will discuss:

  • Why mental health conversations are essential, especially from the manager role.
  • How to have actionable and supportive mental health conversations, while respecting employee boundaries.
  • When and how to appropriately follow-up with an employee regarding their mental health.

This session is designed for any and all employers looking to support their employees’ mental health during these difficult times.

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