Pioneering Medical Platform Launches New COVID-19 Tool to Increase Workplace Safety

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For Immediate Release – June 25, 2020: After 11 years in business helping tens of thousands of Canadians navigate the health care system to achieve faster and more effective results, Medical Confidence has launched an innovative program to help make the workplace safer for everyone in the wake of COVID-19. Complete with a dashboard for employers to track staff members who self-report potential symptoms and risks, the COVID-19 My Health MaP will not only help employees to feel less at risk, it will give employers evidence that Health and Safety is a priority.

Medical Confidence President, Angela Johnson, says, “We have years of evidence that we help employees not only recover faster but can also dramatically reduce absence and disability costs for the employer, while keeping them compliant with Health and Safety requirements. So, we felt we were in an excellent position to help Canadian businesses get back on track safely.”

With more than 17,000 physician specialists in their MedConfidence database Medical Confidence gets patients treatment 220 days sooner on average. Perhaps most exciting during these difficult times is improved employee satisfaction, reported by 75% of clients, with a 420% ROI or greater in payroll savings due to reduced absences related to illness.

Johnson says, “We’re very good at what we do, so we applied what we know to this current crisis to dramatically shorten the time workplaces will be in a state of anxiety. By reporting daily and getting a green badge of health employees will know they are as safe as reasonably possibly, while so are their colleagues, and that their employer cares for their well-being.”

My Heath MaP is a simple daily screening tool that can also be used by employees who need to engage health care professionals if necessary. The employer dashboard enables the human resource team to track employees real-time and ensure everyone has completed their daily screening before arriving at the workplace. Yellow badges are excellent flags that precautions should be taken if someone is feeling slightly unwell and red badges direct employees to local assessment and testing centres. The simple colour coding allows a strong sense of positivity.

Angela Johnson is an accomplished public speaker and entrepreneur and happy to do media interviews to help Canadians be safer. She also has her green badge! But, remote interviews are preferred for now.

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Kimothy Walker (personal/confidential) 613.859.3753

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Employees can now screen themselves before leaving home to go to work