Employees can now screen themselves before leaving home to go to work

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Last week a big consulting firm asked their staff how many of them wanted to come back to work at the office.

90% of them said they were concerned about the added risk they could be bringing home to their family.

But what if there was a way not only to reduce their risk, but just as important, reduce the fear of the risk of working from the “workplace”.

The minute the pandemic hit, we started creating an online assessment tool to do just that.  It’s turned out to be a solution that’s as easy for both the employee and employer to use.

The COVID-19 screening tool is called My Health MaP: Return to Workplace  and it’s based on an employee’s own unique situation and their provincial health authority’s latest guidelines.

It does six different things:

  1. It identifies their risk of having COVID-19.
  1. It creates a personal care guide and monitoring to protect them, their family, their colleagues and your customers.
  1. It tells them if they need to be tested, and if so, where and how.
  1. It helps employers meet their COVID-19 responsibilities – the legal and health and safety ones – to meet provincial and regional requirements.
  1. It demonstrates that the employer is committed to the health and safety of their workplace, employees and customers.
  1. It helps employers understand their staffing availability in real-time, based on the reported fitness reported of each employee.

My Health MaP is not just a personal navigation tool. It is Canada’s first return-to-workplace solution for both employees and employers. This is because the platform informs organizations of their employee’s health in real time and their readiness to be safe in the workplace and to keep their workplace safe for everyone.

This double reporting system works for everyone, especially when there’s still so much fear and doubt about how safe the work environment will be.

My Health MaP has a clear and urgent benefit right now. But its benefits will last long after the pandemic passes as its uses extend to other medical conditions, and especially chronic conditions which make up the large majority of employees’ medical issues.

Employers must ensure the safety of their employees. But you can’t really be safe at work without being healthy first.  And you can’t be healthy these days if you don’t know if you’re healthy.

As Dan Black, noted labour and employment lawyer noted:  “It may not be possible to prevent COVID-19 from entering your workplace entirely, but you can mitigate the risk”.

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Pioneering Medical Platform Launches New COVID-19 Tool to Increase Workplace Safety