Medical Confidence Wins WeRPN Employer of The Year Award

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Richmond Hill, Ontario

Release: October 31, 2020. 

The pioneer of Canadian health care navigation, Medical Confidence was announced as the winner of the highly coveted Employer of the Year award on October 30th, at the 62nd Annual Ceremony of the WeRPN Annual General Meeting. WeRPN is a nonprofit organization that represents Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) and Practical Nursing students in Ontario. 

The prestigious Employer of the Year award recognizes Medical Confidence’s success including:

  • Improving the utilization of RPNs in innovative and creative ways which deliver positive health care outcomes for patients;
  • A spirit of inclusivity of RPNs, including in the company’s governance structures;
  • Creating a multi-disciplinary team environment which is safe and respectful for all;
  • Empowering RPNs to work at their fullest potential and to leverage their knowledge, skills and judgment;  and
  • Being an inspiration to other care environments.

The company launched in 2009, has developed a health care navigation platform that has a proven track record of dramatically reducing health care wait times which directly results in improved recovery times.

Aligned with the Canadian Health Act, Medical Confidence navigation services challenge the status quo. For the past 11 years, its team has used its experience, expertise and creativity to help transform the experience of accessing care across the country. Headquartered in Ontario, Medical Confidence is a national Canadian company helping thousands of Canadians each year receive appropriate and timely access to treatment for both physical and mental illnesses within Canada’s public healthcare systems and with other non-government care providers.

Medical Confidence staff has always worked remotely, allowing for a progressive and flexible work environment that promotes family and encourages a healthy work/life balance. Their entire team is inspired to be effective by focusing on patient care as the number one priority.

Everyone in the organization is encouraged to work collaboratively, bring big ideas, get creative and advocate loudly for patients. This is also supported throughout the organization in their relationships with stakeholders, corporate clients, and external care providers. 

During the award ceremony Kelsy McIntosh, Medical Confidence Navigator and RPN shared she found her dream job with Medical Confidence. “I get to help patients every day in the most meaningful way that I have had in over a decade of nursing, so far.  I get to help patients all across the country, not just in Ontario. I get to use innovative solutions.  I am encouraged to use my creative ideas and more than anything I am valued every second of every day.”,  said Ms McIntosh. 

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About Medical Confidence

Medical Confidence is a pioneer health care navigation platform that reduces health care costs through achieving better health outcomes. Its health outcomes are measurable and demonstrate reductions in costs associated with absenteeism and presenteeism. Medical Confidence clients report that its services have reduced their absence costs by 20%. Leveraging its innovative use of technology and an unmatched national network of over 17,000 physician specialists. The health care consumer (employee) has efficient and faster access to the ideal health care providers for their medical condition. For more information on Medical Confidence, visit

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Phone: +1-886-442-8980 x303

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