New Book Helps Canadians Reduce Medical Wait Times and Access the Care They Need

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TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Canadians are waiting longer than patients in any other developed country although they have the second most expensive health care system. Wait times in Canada is a well known and discussed issue; however, most Canadians are unaware of how they can reduce their waiting time and receive the care they need sooner.

This is an increasing issue for Canadians, as today’s wait times are 95% longer than in 1993 (Fraser Institute, October 2013). Beyond the increasing wait times, studies report an alarming number of individuals receive misdiagnoses or incorrect treatments. The Institute of Medicine’s To Err is Human, states “1 in 9 Canadians received the wrong medication or the wrong dose from a doctor.”

Medical Confidence President Angela Johnson reveals in her book, “Step by Step Guide to Navigating your way through Canada’s Health Care System and Minimizing Your Wait Time” (JOHNSON; e-book; $2.99; ISBN: 978-0-9938594-1-0) unspoken issues plaguing our health care system. She leverages years of experience working with family doctors to help Canadians minimize their wait time and access the care they need.

Using real case examples, she illustrates these unspoken issues such as struggles family physicians experience identifying an appropriate and available specialist, specialists receiving incomplete patient information, and a patient’s tendency to take a passive role in their health care.

This book is a first of its kind and must read for Canadians, providing them with 14 valuable tips to overcome these issues and minimize their wait times. This easy read teaches Canadians how to advocate for themselves and partner with their treating doctors, providing them with the answers they need to make informed decisions and move towards recovery.

See what Canadian Doctors have said about this book:

“There is a huge problem with wait times, and I agree that patients need to be directed to the right specialist. This is a good book for any individual in need of health care.” – Dr. Hagen, Medical Director, Humber River Hospital

“Very pertinent tips. If the patient arrives with all their information intact indeed the specialist can be efficient and effective.” – Orthopedic Surgeon, Scarborough Hospital

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