Angela Johnson Talks Mental Health Navigation With Dave Trafford On The Weekend Morning Show

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Medical Confidence President and Founder, Angela Johnson, guest-starred on The Weekend Morning Show with Dave Trafford on Sunday, February 21st, 2021.

While on the show Angela stated:

“The majority of people don’t actually leverage their full benefit capability. We’re part of a bigger organization called CloudMD and it is the third-largest employee assistance benefits program and people don’t leverage what they have access to. So, it’s important to dig into it, see what is available to you. I think you’d be surprised what’s there.” 

Angela encouraged listeners to reflect on the question: How can we make benefit plans accessible to all Canadians? Not just those that are fortunate enough to be in school and have access to the plan or being employees and have it in their benefits – but that every Canadian. With COVID-19, we see more unemployment and a lot of families that could really use this support and it’s just not there. 

Angela also brought up ways of implementing existing solutions such as healthcare navigation in the healthcare system:

“It’s 560% more expensive to treat an individual who is dealing with mental illness than it is a cancer patient and we know that it’s clinically successful in oncology navigation. Yet we don’t see that for all those other illnesses. Patient navigation for cancer patients took mortality rates from 39% to 70%, why aren’t we implementing it across the board for all patients? The cost savings are in the system. We just need to implement it. We need to get it in the hands of those hospitals offering those services so that when a patient arrives, they’re getting the proper support and the cost savings will come. We know that, we’ve seen it.”

You can listen to this thought-provoking discussion on Mental Health Navigation here:

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