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Organizations / Partners

Canadian companies spent $7.5 billion on long-term disability coverage in 2016 and these costs continue to rise. Existing solutions fail to provide adequate access to care for the treatment of serious illness needs.

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Reducing Absence Related Costs with Healthcare Navigation During and Post the COVID-19 Crisis

As the pioneers in Canadian healthcare navigation, we support employees / members from the onset of symptoms, when employees / members are typically still at work, right through to disability leave and supporting employee’s / member’s journey back to recovery. Doing so, we help reduce an employee’s / member’s time away from work and your related costs.

MedExcellence connects your employees / members who are on illness-related leave with healthcare navigators that help them access optimal and timely specialist care. Working in alignment with the Canadian Health Act, MedExcellence connects patients and their primary care practitioner with appropriate specialists, minimizing delays commonly experienced within the healthcare system. Healthcare navigators also support employees / members through their healthcare journey, so they feel more empowered to be active in their own care and more prepared for appointments and interactions with their broader healthcare team.

Organization Client Sample Outcome

Absenteeism Direct Cost Drivers Annual Savings with Medical Confidence
Casual absences and sick days 8%
STD claims 15%
LTD claims 19%
Total Cost Savings 13%

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