The Future of Workplace Safety During a Pandemic: Testing for Immunity Against COVID-19

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      Angela Johnson
      Angela Johnson
      Founder and President @Medical Confidence
      Angela Johnson, has over two decades of executive management and business leadership experience. Prior to venturing into healthcare leadership, she helped global fortune 500 companies solve complex IT-related business issues, ranging from reducing operating costs to developing new global products. Medical Confidence reduces healthcare costs through achieving better health outcomes. Its health outcomes are measurable and demonstrate reductions in costs associated with absenteeism and presenteeism. Medical Confidence clients report that its services have reduced their absence costs by 20%. Leveraging its innovative use of technology and unmatched national network of over 14,000 physician specialists. The healthcare consumer (employee) has efficient and faster access to the ideal physician specialists for their medical condition.
      Dr. Steven Drews
      Dr. Steven Drews
      Steven J. Drews, Ph.D., F.C.C.M., D(ABMM), Clinical Microbiologist, Associate Director, Canadian Blood Services.
      Dr. Drews currently heads the Medical Microbiology Laboratories at Canadian Blood Services, where he provides guidance on transmissible diseases testing, microbiology and infectious diseases issues. Dr. Drews has significant experience representing diagnostic microbiology and public health laboratories at provincial, national and international committees. He has held faculty positions at both the University of Toronto and the University of Calgary. Steve is currently an Associate Professor in Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the University of Alberta Edmonton, Canada.