Kerry’s Story

quoteThe challenge that I was running into in all the opinions of the doctors was ‘yes, your knees are terrible… they will not get better but you’re too young to have a knee replacement’.

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Ana’s Story

Ana, a mother, wife and owner of a successful business, was experiencing abdominal pain, bloating and constipation. Ana’s family doctor referred her to an OB/GYN who advised her she had a very large and complex cyst on one of her ovaries. The specialist recommended surgical removal of the cyst. Ana was given a surgery date but was very apprehensive about the treatment plan.

Ana decided to obtain a second opinion to help her make a more informed decision. She turned to Medical Confidence. In less than 2 weeks, Ana was seen by a MedConfidence Specialist practising in gynecologic oncology and specializing in the treatment of ovarian cancer.

Medical Confidence worked with Ana and her family doctor to ensure that all necessary tests were completed and results available prior to her first appointment with the Specialist. Ana also received coaching the day before her appointment to ensure she was ready to tell her story and prepared with her list of questions she wanted answered.

Ana was very impressed by the knowledge and expertise of her MedConfidence Specialist. The Specialist was very thorough and explained all aspects of the recommended surgical procedure – even down to the type and location of the incision. Ana felt immediately at ease and confident she was in good hands. She cancelled her previously scheduled surgery and, just 4 weeks later, had her surgery performed by her MedConfidence Specialist.

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Barb’s Story

Barb, a 37 year-old sales executive, had been trying with her husband for more than 2 years to start a family. After consulting with a fertility specialist they knew things were going to be challenging for them, but their hopes were high and they were thrilled when Barb was informed she was pregnant.

When Barb miscarried halfway through her second trimester, she was devastated. She became distant from her husband, she had no desire to socialize with friends and even getting out of bed in the morning was a struggle. Her work suffered as well – casual absences became the norm and her performance was under review. Barb’s leader suggested she see her doctor.

Barb’s Primary Care Practitioner believed Barb to be suffering from a clinical depression and referred her to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist in question had a 10 month wait, and since Barb’s condition had continued to deteriorate, she was on the verge of taking a leave of absence from work.

Barb’s manager suggested reaching out to Medical Confidence and 2 weeks later she had her first appointment with a MedConfidence psychiatrist who specialized in depression. A course of cognitive therapy combined with pharmacotherapy was prescribed, and Barb began to feel herself moving back “up” and in the right direction. Barb commenced a gradual return to work 120 days after calling Medical Confidence and 70 days later she was back on the job full time.

Never having experienced anything like that before and with no history of mental health issues in her family, Barb was completely unprepared for the severe challenge her circumstance and clinical depression presented her with. She credits the MedConfidence psychiatrist with helping her get her life back, and she and her husband continue to work towards their dream of having a family.


Jim’s Story

Jim came to Medical Confidence frustrated after spending two years trying to find someone to help him with his shoulder pain. He had fallen and had fractured his shoulder in multiple places.

After a year of physiotherapy the pain was unbearable. He could no longer work, and even the most basic tasks (like putting on a coat) had become excruciating. His Primary Care Practitioner suggested cortisone injections, which provided little relief.

Eventually Jim was referred to an orthopedic surgeon. He waited four painful months for the appointment, but remained hopeful this surgeon could help him – maybe even to the point where he could get back to work. Just 2 minutes into his appointment, Jim learned the surgeon didn’t treat shoulders – only hips and knees. The surgeon told Jim he could refer him to a colleague, but warned him that if he should require surgery the wait time was approximately 2 years.  Jim was exasperated.

Within 8 months of calling Medical Confidence, Jim had a shoulder replacement (performed by a MedConfidence Specialist who excelled in these procedures), was back at work…and even playing golf!