Peace Of Mind For Everyone In Your School Community

A secure, stress-free, and easy to use COVID-19 screening platform that provides peace of mind as you reopen your classrooms.

How to Keep your School Safe During the Pandemic

Why Use COVID-19 Screening Tool?

Welcome Stress-Free Mornings
Our COVID-19 screening tool will make all the difference in your parents, students and teachers new morning routine. Families can screen over breakfast with just a few clicks, and your students will get to class on time with confidence they are safe with friends and teachers.
Confidently Respond to School Safety
Public health guidelines are constantly changing. Our tool stays up to date with the latest symptoms, risks and testing instructions, helping you safely navigate the transition back-to-school and ensuring schools, students and staff are following current health and safety requirements.
Maintain privacy and security
Data is securely stored in the exact same way medical records are protected. Staff and student data is stored in a PIPEDA-compliant, anonymized, and secure platform.

Automated Reporting and Dashboard With Daily Snapshots

The account administrator dashboard and automated reports have the data needed to ensure everyone entering the school has completed their daily screening. From a single classroom to the whole school, view both real-time snapshots and historical views of student and teacher assessments.

Leave Security Up To The Professionals

As experts in the health navigation field for 11 years, we recognize how important confidentiality is to every Canadian. Our software is PIPEDA-compliant, anonymized and easy-to-use. Now you just need to worry about how to keep 5-year-olds apart on the playground.

We Make Monitoring Fun!

Some students may be fussy, but our software is not. Our badges are designed to clearly communicate health status, gamifying visual screening for kids of any age – and your teachers, too.

Go Paperless

Digitize all your data for easy organization and access to allow you to adapt quickly. Excel and paper are just not going to cut it.

Stay Up-to-date With Public Health Guidelines

Monitor COVID-19 risk and stay up to date with public health guidelines in your school with ease. We update the screening questions and provide isolation management guidance and resources including testing site locators and instructions, and relevant interventions.

Mobile and Desktop Functionality

Whether you’re on the go, sitting at home or at the office – access your screening profile wherever you are through your desktop or mobile.

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