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Why work for Medical Confidence?

We strive to work together with the singular focus to advocate on behalf of patients – empowering them to be informed and active participants in their healthcare decisions, by helping them understand their medical condition and access the most appropriate care in a timely manner. This can include finding the right doctor, completing testing and imaging, receiving a referral, booking appointments and treatments, etc.  The result is improved recovery time for patients and better overall outcomes.

sense of purpose You'll have a clear sense of purpose. The mission of empowering healthcare consumers (patients) is driving all our employees in their day-to-day actions.
responsibility You'll work for a company which is committed to both business success and social progress. Medical Confidence is a socially responsible company that cares about the health and wellness of its ecosystem.
passion You'll work with colleagues highly committed and passionate about what they do. Each of us is proud of what we do, and are ready to go beyond what is needed to contribute to our patient’s success and we do that the company is successful.
proximity You'll find an informal management style that promotes simple and direct relationships between employees. The casual and friendly environment fosters a proximity mindset where you can easily discuss and network with all Medical Confidencers no matter their position in the company.
empowerment You'll be highly encouraged to bring in your ideas and take initiative. Your desire to innovate and experiment will always be appreciated.
respect At Medical Confidence, we all have talents. We'll respect your uniqueness and develop your talents to their maximum. Beyond skills, we're looking for people with heart and personality. We believe that the group’s strength and its ability to generate new ideas stem directly from its capacity for welcoming a wide variety of profiles.
opportunities As a high growth business you'll have the opportunity to design your meaningful career, based on your own aspirations.
learning You'll make one learning a day. Learning something new each day means you keep growing every day! Working on a project, sharing experiences with your teams/colleagues, become the opportunity to develop both at professional and personal level.