About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Medical Confidence exists to help empower individuals to be informed and active participants in their health and healthcare decisions. Angela Johnson founded Medical Confidence in 2009 after being affected when her sister struggled in the Canadian healthcare system with a severe and undiagnosed neurological condition. After learning the hard way about the various “quirks” and challenges in the system, Angela realized many people could benefit from her knowledge.

Medical Confidence provides individuals with access to a level of clinical knowledge and expertise that often is only available through costly private clinics. Engaged patients have more confidence in their treating team of medical practitioners and are more actively involved in their diagnosis, treatment plan and recovery. Working with Medical Confidence, individuals use the Canadian healthcare system to its full potential.

Mission Statement

Medical Confidence works with individuals to help them understand their health-related circumstances, access the ideal physician specialist(s), and ultimately become informed and actively engaged in decisions that will lead to the best possible outcome.

Medical Confidence espouses the belief that the education of empowered healthcare consumers also benefits employers, insurance providers, associations (etc.) through reduced benefit costs and minimizing the impact of presenteeism and absenteeism. The Canadian healthcare system also benefits as individuals are better able to navigate the system resulting in increased efficiencies.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 2009
  • Strictly Canadian
  • Unmatched network of Canadian physician specialists
    More than 17,000 leading specialists
    Across more than 800 subspecialties
  • Real, measurable results
    Timely access to care and treatment
    More accurate diagnosis
    Proven value and ROI
    Increased satisfaction and productivity